HNCExclusive: Noah-O x Cadillac Cat – FACE/OFF2 (EP)


Noah-O and Cadillac Cat continue creating great material together and have come up with the second installment in their FACE/OFF series. The new addition includes six brand new tracks, although it’s short the EP is packed with crazy production from Cat himself, Ron Oilers, Kush Mac, C. North Beats, Wise Inquisition and A9.

On this project, you can hear and feel the chemistry between the veteran and his younger counterpart, who put together a solid/select collection of tracks.

We asked the tandem a few questions about the project:

Who’s idea was it to start the series Face Off?

Noah: The idea came from my manager Ricky Dreamer. Me and Cat were working on music and I couldn’t come up with a name for the project I just knew I looked at it like a best of both worlds type project. We were combining our two different sounds and followings but making it work.

Cat: We had did a track “Dirty Deposits” and then Noah & DFP Vibes had brought the idea and I was game for it.

If you had to pick which characters you were from the movie, who is Nick Cage and who would be John Travolta?

Noah: I don’t know, lol I’m human so I’m good and bad. I don’t want to be law enforcement so I’ll be whichever one wasn’t the cop.

Cat: I’m whatever one Noah isnt Im the other guy, lol.

How is your chemistry in the studio?

Noah: I feel like it’s good, we just vibe out. Go through Beats, do whatever to get the vibe right and get to work.

Cat: Everytime we link up we get a solid two songs done, we both have a good work ethic.

Who writes the hooks or do you come up with the concepts together?

Noah: Both of us do. Sometime Cat has a song and he already has a hook & verse written and I just add mine. I want people to see that we can both expand out sound when together. Some people might look at me as a purist or strictly Hip Hop Boom Bap dude but don’t know I have other songs and vice versa. Cat can spit and the deeper we get into the series people will see he has melodies, produces but can also spit too.

Cat: It’s a solid 50/50, sometimes I have tracks and Noah brings his as well.

What’s the biggest difference you see in recording a solo project and a joint project?

Noah: To me, this is easier at times and goes a lot faster because I don’t have to write as much and come up with all the ideas like on a solo project. I love it and appreciate his input. I look at Cat like a little brother.

Cat: Its easier working on a joint project sometimes I struggle with beat selection. Sometimes I’ll make a beat and I don’t like but someone else with come up with an idea, its good to have to someone else to work with.

Stream FACE/OFF2 below.


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