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Monday Night Talks About "Scomaha, Vol. 1" (Interview + Album Stream)

Monday Night Talks About "Scomaha, Vol. 1" (Interview + Album Stream)


This is an interview that I’ve been meaning to do for a while. Monday Night is an artist from Holly Block located in Richmond, Virginia. He started off 2019 with a feature on Lost Feelings off of Fly Anakin’s and Tuamie’s Emergency Raps 4 that had people talking. He was also featured on the Beastly’s Lounge Podcast where he discussed his roots to his experiences playing ball at Virginia Union University and how he came about doing music to eventually performing at the most recent SXSW festival. When I first heard of Scomaha, Vol. 1, I was enamored by the variety of beat selection by James Couch, who produced the whole project along with the growth of Monday Night from his Charles Zarkley EP. I took notes of a few things and had to ask Monday about Scomaha.

J: Please elaborate on the scope of The Scope. It seems like you reflect on a broad variety of topics while focusing on the scope of how those things impact you like experiences with women and being something to your mother. What’s the importance of the spoken outro on that?

Monday: The Scope is exactly how you explained it. Its the Scope of the entire project... That’s why I jumped from subject to subject. I wanted to give listeners a outlook of how the project was going to be, what they could look forward to. So I touched on the most important thing to me which is my mom and my dad. Girls and doing the wrong thing was also a big part of my life... but they were all “bag ladies”, bringing unwanted baggage and I started rapping to stop doing dumb shit.

J: I noticed based on some of the track titles, Lisa (feat. Fly Anakin), Zach Morris, and Jim Kelly , the legendary Bills quarterback, that there are some nineties connotations to them. More so the early nineties as Saved by The Bell ran from 1989-1993, and Jim Kelly lead the Bills to four straight Super Bowls. Can you explain the significance of those names as tracks on Scomaha? Are there possible connotations with the story of Lisa and Zach from the Saved By The Bell series to bonds you have with women and how there’s a Screech there trying to ruin everything? For the Jim Kelly track name, is there a connotation towards his style of play then or of his career of being elite but never winning the big one?

Monday: I actually never even made that connection with Lisa and Zach Morris, that would’ve been clever but Lisa was just a name that I used because girls don’t really have that name anymore so nobody would feel offended listening to the song (since its about a prostitute) and it just sounded the best. Zach Morris was used because I fuck with Zach Morris heavy. I used a Zach Morris bar at the end of the song which was kind of like a chorus so it was fitting to use it as the name It’s a cool name and it made sense for the song. Jim Kelly was the actual name of the beat so I already had that in my head making the song. The beat wasn’t long so I just had to go off real quick and it ended up being most people favorite song and Jim Kelly’s name and game just fit the song so I kept it.

J:I like how you included Eddie Vans on Passed L’s and Pastels. Vans has been featured on IDK’s Two Hoes from his SubTrap album back in 2015 and past projects with Richmond artist RaeDouble R. I feel like Vans brings a vibrant energy towards his approach to songs and I want to know why you wanted Eddie Vans on Passed L’s and Pastels?

Monday: Me and Eddie linked up one day on some music shit and just ended listening to beats and we landed on Passed L’s and Pastels. We wrote it and recorded it the next day. I’ve known Eddie since high school and we’ve always been gucci and he fucked with my shit so he was definitely down to make a track with me. Obviously I fuck with his shit, he also went crazy on it and brought a different sound to the tape and I liked the contrast of styles with me & him so I knew it was going on ScoMaha.

J: You decided to close out Scomaha with Big Kahuna OG on Tony Jaa, a track titled after the Thai martial artist, director, and actor who have been featured on Furious 7 as Kiet and XXX: Return of Xander Cage as Talon. What made you name the track Tony Jaa and what’s the message you want listeners to leave w/ finishing Scomaha?

Monday: Just because Tony Jaa is one of my favorite martial art movie stars. I used his name in the chorus and the beat just sounded good with the name of the song being that . There aren’t any real crazy connections with it.

Stream Scomaha Vol. 1 below on Spotify, purchase it on Bandcamp HERE, and find it on all other streaming platforms.


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