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Interview: Niq Bohr Talks About "Bohrdom"

Interview: Niq Bohr Talks About "Bohrdom"


The boss of LoveLace media and the head of LoveLace magazine, Niq Bohr is more than just a face from the Northern Virginia region. Niq Bohr is a working man that's trying to improve what some might say a cut-throat Northern Virginia music scene. He records this podcast called Bohrdom usually along with fellow LoveLace artist ConFromThe703 and fellow LoveLace Media member Bogans discussing a wide variety of topics. I recently caught up with Niq Bohr as we discussed more in-depth about Bohrdom and what's behind it. 

J: If you could, use one word to describe the Bohrdom podcast.

Niq: Chill. I say chill because the show isn't really about anything. It's just about being in a room with me and a bunch of dope people having some good conversations. In my opinion, the best way to hang out with people is just to chill. 

J: Can you tell me about the other individuals that are usually on the podcast with you, ConFromThe703 and Bogans?

Niq: ConFromThe703 and Bogans are guys I went to high school. When I first even began to think about podcasting, the idea was for all three of us to do album reviews. That was back in maybe 2012. We never discussed it again until maybe October or November of 2017. Individually, Con is also a hip-hop artist and Bogans helps run my media company, Lovelace Media, as well runs his own game streaming company called GGBro

J: Elaborate on the creation of the podcast and how it's set up. 

Niq: We wanted to model it like a friendly debate. You know when you’re at the house with some friends and you start talking about something and the whole room has differing opinions and we’re all just chilling? That’s kinda what you get with Bohrdom except it’s with me and all my friends. I want you to feel like you’re in that room.

J: I notice a common topic on the podcast is discussing the Northern Virginia Music scene. Ever since the inception of the podcast, has your opinion on the music scene had stayed the same or have it changed over time? If so, in what ways?

Niq: It’s crazy because I kinda didn’t want to talk about the scene. At first, it felt like a conversation that would just go in circles but as the time went on, I’d have more creatives from the area on, and doing what I do, it needs to be discussed. It needs to be discussed because there’s no one really trying to sit down and trying to figure things out. I think my opinion on having the conversation has changed rather than my actual opinion. There’s a lot left to be done in NOVA. I can say the same about other places in the state, but we’re heading in the right direction. 

J: What are some of your favorite memories of the Bohrdom podcast? 

Niq: When we did our[hip-hop] March Madness bracket. That was a really great time. I’ve had some really dope guests like Ceo and Supe Dupe who blended right into the conversation. We also took a trip to Philadelphia to do a vlog during the Super Bowl. We’ve done some really cool things and I’m looking forward to things in the future. 


You can listen to the Bohrdom podcast below on Soundcloud.

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